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A collaborative first-person puzzle game prototype, developed by me on technical design and programming and Emilios Andreou on narrative and level design.

Stuck within a time rift, the player can interact with the current world with a clone of their past self. This intangible ‘time shadow’ is locked in the past but the objects it creates to relive the player’s actions aren’t. Using this, the player is forced to complete puzzles like a lab rat for the malicious purposes of SERN, a mega company which uses its scientific research mask to guise their actual intentions of controlling time to further their members socially and economically.

This is a project I made two years ago but I hadn't uploaded to here and I always thought this was probably my coolest idea (though the game definitely needs better levels) so I thought I might as well put it up anyway.


Redacted.zip 19 MB

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